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  • Non-standard Aluminum Forging

    Non-standard Aluminum Forging

    Hot forging and forging of high quality wrought aluminum forging parts Aluminum alloy hot forging has the characteristics of high strength and light weight, and it is higher than the casting in the reliability of material. Therefore, it is widely used in aircraft, ships,... Contact Now
  • Aluminum Forging

    Aluminum Forging

    Aluminum forging Aluminum forging is a process belongs to forging, the corresponding casting casting injection molding process, which is hot forging, aluminum is heated to a certain temperature by high frequency, in the press or friction press to install a dedicated mold, the... Contact Now
  • Copper Forgings

    Copper Forgings

    Copper forgings Wrought copper process is about a forging word, any shape is forged out, the complexity of its technology far exceeds the cast copper. Fire, hammer and prickly heat are three important elements of wrought copper. Wrought copper craft is the most important is... Contact Now
  • Bronze Forging

    Bronze Forging

    Bronze forging Bronze castings are widely used in machinery manufacturing, ships, automobiles, construction and other industrial sectors, in the formation of cast non-ferrous metals bronze series. Often cast zht. Cast bronze I have tin bronze, lead bronze, manganese bronze... Contact Now
  • Hot Forging Brass

    Hot Forging Brass

    Hot forging brass The temperature range between the hot forging start forging temperature and the final forging temperature should be as large as possible. But forging temperature is too high will cause excessive growth of metal grains and the formation of overheating, will... Contact Now
  • Brass Aluminum Forging

    Brass Aluminum Forging

    Brass aluminum forging Aluminum brass can be divided into two categories. One is the casting of brass by adding a small amount of aluminum to remove impurities to increase mobility, casting complex castings, alloys, the amount of excess aluminum does not exceed 0.5%; one is... Contact Now
  • Brass Forging Components

    Brass Forging Components

    Brass forging Forging brass is the use of forging machinery to apply pressure on the brass blanks, make it plastic deformation to obtain a certain mechanical properties, a certain shape and size of forgings products process. Forging is one of the two major components of... Contact Now
  • Metal Forging

    Metal Forging

    Metal forgings The ability of a metal to undergo plastic deformation under external forces is called forging performance and depends mainly on the plasticity of the metal. The better plasticity, the better the metal forging performance. After the forging of the metal... Contact Now
  • Drop Forgings

    Drop Forgings

    Simmer system elbow Straight tube through the intermediate frequency heating to achieve plastic deformation of the temperature, through the arm to limit the straight tube to form a predetermined arc of the elbow, the production process known as the simmer system elbow. Forged... Contact Now
  • Precision Forgings

    Precision Forgings

    Precision forgings HengCheng metal is a professional precision forging company, has a very professional precision forging technicians forging, first-class precision forging technology, technology stress. More than 10 years, the company is committed to exploration and progress... Contact Now
  • Hot Press Forging

    Hot Press Forging

    Hot press forging Forging temperature range refers to the metal forging temperature and the end of forging temperature interval, in order to prevent overheating, over-burning need to correctly determine the initial forging temperature and final forging temperature. The... Contact Now
  • Press Forging

    Press Forging

    Press forging Press forging is one of the two major components of forging (forging and stamping) that utilizes a forging machine to apply pressure to a metal blank to cause it to plastically deform to achieve mechanical properties, processing methods of a given shape and... Contact Now