GCSE Results 2022

We would like to congratulate our outgoing Year 11 pupils on their excellent GCSE results.

These young people had a difficult two years leading up to their examinations due to the pandemic. The excellent results they have achieved show just how hard they worked. 

The schools Progress 8 figure for the year group is 0.68 and pupils of all prior attainments made excellent progress during their time at the school. The Attainment 8 figure for the year group is 62.72 a record for the school.

42% of the grades awarded were grade 7+ and 77% pupils gained a grade 5 or better in both English and mathematics.

Some of the key performance measures can be found below.

Measure Value 2022
Progress 8 0.68
Attainment 8 62.88
English and Maths 5+ 77%
English and Maths 4+ 91%
5 Grades 9-5 Including English and Maths 76%
5 Grades 9-4 Including English and Maths 91%
5 Grades 9-4 95%
5 Grades 9-7 40%




 For a detailed breakdown of our GCSE and A Level results please see our General Information booklet.

To view this information on the Department for Education's website please click here.


A level results 2019

A full breakdown of the A level results for 2019 can be found on the governments website here











School / college progress score




Confidence interval 

(0.13 to 0.27)

(0.20 to 0.34)

(0.26 to 0.42)

Progress description

Above average

Above average

Above average

Students progressing to education or employment

91% of pupils go on to full time education or employment. 

Students progressing to higher education or training