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Application Status Of Forged Aluminum Wheels
Nov 20, 2017

China's forged aluminum wheel in the passenger car application more, but in commercial vehicles and trucks have just started the application of most of the bus is still the main steel wheel Yi. In recent years, some commercial vehicle enterprises such as FAW Liberation, Dongfeng, medium-pass bus, Suzhou Jinlong, Yutong and so also began to assemble forged aluminum wheel Yi, Shannon and Big Jinlong also have this idea.

In addition, some domestic special-purpose car manufacturers also began to try to assemble forged aluminum wheel Yi, 2006 the eighth International Road transport technology and traffic equipment exhibition, Yutong ZK6128HB type passenger car assembled forged aluminum wheel Yi, this is the first application of forged aluminum wheel in the domestic bus brand, With the development of advanced manufacturing technology and precision forging technology, the application of forged aluminum wheels in some special vehicles such as tanker and tractor is more and more.