国际妇女节关注的是妇女的团结, 它庆祝女性在政治上取得的成就, 文化和社会. International Women's Day is annually held on 3月 8 to celebrate women's achievements throughout history and across nations. Every year as women’s day is celebrated people ask if there is an international men’s day, 答案是肯定的! 大多数年份是在19日举行th 11月. It is celebrated in over 60 countries- including the UK and the aim is to promote gender equality and highlight positive male role models. Although society is changing and people are becoming much more aware of equality there is still an issue with violence and disrespect towards women, 平等是一项基本人权,对世界和平的未来至关重要.






STEM Week has become a global event which celebrates science, technology, engineering and maths. 在Balcarras, we have lunch time lectures and STEM lessons which encourage young people to enjoy STEM. 皇冠买球平台的讲座包括:雄心勃勃的示范比赛, 产品进化, 性选择, 如何保守秘密和解剖.  周一,尼布利特和布拉泽顿为最佳实验展开了较量. On Tuesday, Mrs Swanepoel talked about us about the evolution of technology through time.




STEM week at 皇冠买球app下载 is very important and includes lots of different activities for students. 例如, on International Women’s Day four Year 9 girls went to Kolher Mira - a local business who makes showers and other engineering products. We went to their factory and spoke to lots of different employees from marketing to design engineers. 他们说他们喜欢在那里工作,那里的工作环境看起来很棒. 此外,皇冠买球平台了解到,2017年实际上只有11%的女性从事工程工作. Even though this number is incredibly low, it was an improvement on 2015 statistics of only 9%. Women in engineering is something that 原理图ools hope to progress and that is why STEM week is really important to Balcarras and is a really exciting event that hopes to inspire young people to start thinking about their future.  许多人说平等是非常重要的,可以改善皇冠买球平台的社会.

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After conducting a survey of a range of age groups in 皇冠买球app下载, a trend was quickly shown. In every class assessed the results show that more than 85% of students have some form of social media that they use every single day. 当皇冠买球平台询问其他学生时, 他们很快列出了他们所知道的许多负面影响. Even those who said they regularly used Snapchat and Instagram knew a long list of the problems that users can face. So if they know all of these reasons not to use these sites then why do they claim to access them “whenever they can”?

Pupils at Balcarras seemed to think that those who chose not to download the app could never be as “good friends” says a student in year 8. 许多人用它来安排见面和社交的时间, 有意无意地, leaves out the few who do not want to deal with the pressures they will face with Snapchat.

A year 9 said they had chosen not to download anything until they began to realise that they were missing out on trips to town and sleepovers. 最近,他们“屈服”了,下载了Snapchat及其所有问题. This case is so common it has earned its own acronym, “FOMO” meaning Fear Of Missing Out. According to a study, this is one of the primary causes for “phone addiction” in teenagers. 尽管向社交媒体“屈服”的想法似乎完全是负面的, 下载后会产生积极的效果. Many young people claim to have a perfectly functional relationship with social media and say they have no problems with completing homework or socialising with friends in person. 也许皇冠买球平台应该问的问题是“皇冠买球平台能把社交媒体用在好的方面吗??或者“皇冠买球平台能不能利用社交媒体来增强年轻人的能力??”.



近年来,中学对音乐教育的吸收有所下降, with music only being compulsory for students aged 13 – 14 in 62% of secondary 原理图ools. But it has been proven that 原理图ools with music programs have an attendance rate of 93.3%,而84.9%在没有音乐课程的学校. 所以在巴尔卡拉斯,皇冠买球平台重视音乐教育, 这就是为什么最近建造了一个新的音乐模块, 配备了最先进的设备.

We interviewed our music teacher Mr Armstrong to ask him all about this new musical opportunity for Balcarras.










从周二13th 三月至星期五16th 3月, 250年左右,切尔滕纳姆赛马场将吸引000人, 2018年在切尔滕纳姆举行的第一场为期四天的大型赛事. 创纪录的4英镑奖金.600万英镑正在出售. 比赛将包括每天7场比赛,总共28场比赛. 超过80,预计将进行000次旅行, 在公共汽车上, 以到达切尔滕纳姆赛马场, 在赛马场和市中心之间. 这将导致切尔滕纳姆赛马场的停车场停放3.6万辆汽车. The prize money available for whoever wins the Cheltenham Gold Cup is a total of £625,000. 前高尔夫冠军李·韦斯特伍德赢得了近22英镑的奖金,在切尔滕纳姆赛马节的第一天,他给每一匹获胜的马投了1万英镑!

 不过,比赛将是艰难的, 由于球场的条件是1982年以来最糟糕的, 重, 软的地方. 这是由于2018年头几个月的可怕天气.

 BBC Radio 5 live and its sister station Radio 5 live sports extra bring live commentary of all 28 races from the four-day event. There will also be regular updates on both the BBC website and the BBC Sport website.


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自动驾驶汽车正是如此! 自我驱动! The plan is to make a car that can drive safely and (Hopefully) completely stop Accidents from happening.


许多公司都在努力创造未来, 以下是制作这些产品的公司:

三星, 华为, 英伟达, 大众汽车, 百度, 超级, 沃尔沃, 菲亚特克莱斯勒汽车, 苹果, 英特尔, 宝马, 奥迪, 谷歌, nuTomomy, 博世, 特斯拉, 福特和FiveAI. 


自我驱动 cars work by sensing the environment and navigating their way around it without human input.


自动驾驶汽车的价格将在7000英镑到10000英镑之间. They are expected to be driving themselves into our streets in 2030 but at the latest 2045.


56%的美国人不想坐地铁. 当被问及这个问题时, these people said the main reason to not want to be in one because of a  “Lack of Trust”.

棱先生说, “也许在将来, 是的, 但目前我不会相信或乘坐自动驾驶汽车.”

夫人·泰勒·伍德说, “我不确定我是否完全信任他们, 但一旦他们有了更多的测试和解决问题,我将有兴趣尝试一个. 如果我喜欢它,觉得在里面很安全,我可能会买一个! I'd want it to have the option of me taking over and being able to drive it myself as well, though.”

Mrs Wranosky says, “I cannot see how self driving cars can be safe, I don’t trust technology enough.”




Rimac C_Two claimed to be faster than the 特斯拉 Roadster concept, the former doing 0-60mph in 1.85秒,后者1秒.9秒. The 20kWh lithium battery and develops 1888bhp and 1696lb ft of torque paired with AWD and 390mm carbon ceramic brake disks. 它还具有双叉骨悬挂与主动驾驶高度控制. The claimed range is 404 miles and a claimed charging time of less than 30 minutes to 80%. 它被限制在150个单位. 价格尚未确认.

捷豹I-Pace具有395马力和513磅英尺的扭矩. 0-60英里每小时的速度是4英里.5秒. 它是根据2021年的二氧化碳排放量生产的. 这款90千瓦时的锂离子电池号称续航里程可达298英里, 而特斯拉Model 3的续航里程达到310英里. 在公共充电站可在1小时25分钟内充完80%的电.

谣传的保时捷992混合动力车将于2021年发布,间谍镜头已经被泄露. 保时捷老板奥利弗•布卢姆(Oliver Blume)说,700bhp可能是有可能的.“电动打孔机的特殊按钮”也被提到. 电动马达至少能承受136马力.

奥迪E-tron的预计续航里程为311英里. 496马力和590磅英尺的扭矩和0-60英里每小时4.5秒. 奥迪将最高时速限制在131英里. 至少£60000. 它将于2018年推出.



塑料问题解决方案的图像结果塑料是当今最大的环境问题之一. Plastic is becoming a bigger threat because of it being released into the oceans and harming the wildlife. 它是有害的,因为鱼吃塑料或困在它. 此外,塑料会向周围环境释放有害化学物质. 这可能会导致水被污染,不健康的鱼喝. 在海里, plastic is a big problem because of this and by 2050 it’s expected that there will be a bigger weight of plastic in the sea than fish. 塑料被制成非常耐用,这使得它很难在任何地方被分解.


有许多减少塑料使用量的解决方案. 回收塑料是好的,只要它持续, 但它也存在于对环境造成问题的地方. 另一种解决方案是使用可降解塑料,这种塑料在海水中融化. 你也可以使用可重复使用的容器来储存食物, 而不是使用保鲜膜或塑料包装. 如果皇冠买球平台能解决这些问题,皇冠买球平台就能给世界和野生动物带来巨大的改变.


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