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Difference between precision forging and common forging
Nov 20, 2017

Precision forging is a Chinese word, that is precise forging, refers to the press, the use of die forging forging, to obtain the shape, dimension tolerance, surface quality and other indicators than ordinary forging, and subsequent machining allowance and the road can be reduced to the manufacturing process.

According to the different deformation temperature of metal forming, precision forging can be divided into cold precision forging, Wen, hot precision forging and isothermal finish forging.

In accordance with the flow of metal deformation, precision forging can be divided into open-type precision forging and closed-type precision forging.

Precision forging and common forging is the difference between precision forging and surface quality is good, heating with less oxidation-free heating, mold taper, cavity coating requirements, low initial forging temperature, some need to forge several times before the final precision forging.

Precision forging as a precise forging, compared to ordinary forging has more advantages, more accurate, better quality, size error is also smaller, is the first choice for machining.